Andrew Lewis Campbell

I am a Manchester based designer, currently working on Children's apps and educational products. I'm self-taught and an advocate of learning by breaking things. Luckily I also have a soft spot for theory, lectures & geeking out on design-oriented reading.

I love graphic design, illustration and lettering, but I also enjoy exploring responsive web design and basic front-end development. I love having the ability to prototype and make things. It's like Lego for grown-ups!

If I'm not behind a screen you'll find me in the mountains where I like to climb, walk and ride my bike.

Project Snippets

Accounts I've worked on

The BBC × Rockstar Games × Manchester United × Manchester City × FC Barcelona × Cream × 2K Games × Del Monté × Cadbury's × Celtic FC × 3Hundredand65 × Disney Interactive

Live products I've worked on

Manchester United - United Direct »

For a year and a half I was creative lead for the official Manchester United online store. I worked closely with the club, Nike and retail partner Kitbag on managing creative output. In this time we scaled from one English language version of the site, up to 8 languages including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. We implemented numerous rounds of UI updates based on extensive user-testing and research collected both in-house and via external contractors, and constantly monitored the performance of communications in order to make measurable improvements to user-experience and customer journeys where feasible. With such a huge customer-base, even the most marginal UX improvements can translate to impressive gains in turnover.

The NBA - Euro Store »

I worked with the NBA's team in NY on the visual design and UI of their new European store. I also worked closely with NBA to lay down style guides for store communications both pre and post-launch.

Jetpack Journeys »

A launch site built in little over an afternoon for a lovely new app by Head First. Jetpack Journeys has been featured heavily by both gaming and mainstream press and even got featured in the App Store.

Natural Fertility Matters »

Custom Wordpress theme build, tied up in under a week. Built from the content out, with a mobile-first responsive approach. I'm quite happy with the simplicity of this site and it's robustness even in archaic versions of IE or on feature phones. I also made good use of custom post types and taxonomies in order to create a simple, tidy and intuitive back-end for the client.


Trunk on Toast »

JQuery / AJAX / CSS Framework / Prototyping

Scratch Built Responsive WP Theme »

My first crack at building a Wordpress theme from scratch. It's a work in progress, but I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I got into PHP. I used a course from the awesome Treehouse to help me along the way. I took advantage of the awesome Responsive Nav by Viljami Salminen.

An Intro to Jekyll & Github »

One of my aims recently has to become more adept with version control so that I can contribute a little more to open-source projects. I locked myself away with a Treehouse course on GIT and spent some quality time with the command line! GIT still confuses me a little(LOADS), but I'm getting there. I have a static site generated with Jekyll that I pushed up to a repo and I managed to fork a new theme for it before branching out to make some changes.

Things I Like

× 'One Web' vibes

× Responsible responsiveness

× Minimalism

× Deiter & Bruno


× Sublime Text 2 + Codekit

× Wood block type

Things I'm Wary Of

× Bloated frameworks

× Fashionable flat design

× The dribbble effect

× Excessive pre-processing

× Adobe CC

Got a project? Got some feedback on this page? Fancy a bike ride?

I'm always up for discussing design or photo-based geekery so give me a shout @andrewlcampbell.